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Our CPA’s tailor your financial reporting to your precise needs, ensuring you have a pulse on your business and that you can make smarter decisions tomorrow.

About us

Why choose Beyond Beans? Discover our unique edge.

Our commitment is to your books. We deliver effective, efficient financials paired with tax guidance to help you reach your financial goals.  We have 100% guarantee with ease of cancellation in our Bundles.

Personalized Financials

Beyond Bean's Accounting and Tax Professionals are Certified Professional Accountants dedicated to guiding you towards your financials goals.

Cutting-edge Software

Our state-of-the-art software industry experience, and CPA talent work together to enhance your cost savings and fuel your progress.

Supportive Team

You’ll work alongside like-minded people who encourage and inspire each other towards their financial goals.
About us

Why choose Beyond Beans? Discover our unique edge.

Our commitment is to your books. We deliver effective, efficient financials paired with tax guidance to help you reach your financial goals.

Initial On-Boarding

In our initial Zoom meeting, we begin with a comprehensive understanding of your business history and business goals.

Financials Assessments

we prioritize perfecting your financials to improve on their feedback loop while making them most useful to the user. Through meticulous evaluation, we correct the financials fostering better understanding of their purpose.

Precision Accounting Scan

From within the software, we scan the GL detail and reconcile the books. These regular and detailed scans become the baseline for a greater understanding of your business needs and allows our CPA’s provide greater guidance for reaching your goals.

AI Empowered Analysis

We work with all busines and industries, setting a baseline for tracking your progress. From the basic package to CFO Elite, our assessments ensure visible, measurable improvements in your financial reporting.


Personalized Financials & Consistent Support

With deep insight into your business profile , our CPA’ devise the perfect program for you. They offer unwavering support and drive you towards your goals.

Timely Guidance

Having a greater pulse on your business allows for more refined and precise financial reporting. With this clarity, we are able to plan for your cash-flow and tax liabilities. This is vital for optimal business health and achieving any financial goal.

Tax Planning and Financial Modeling at it's Finest.

Since we are reviewing and preparing monthly financial statements so you can have constant feedback and a pulse on your business performance, we are able to include your progress in our tax planning and modeling while ensuring that our clients file business and individual tax returns on time and accurately.

Yes, we can help you Today!

Rest assured, while it may seem like a steep hill to climb, we can help you today.  We leverage the latest softwares with experienced tax and accounting Certified Public Accountants. In conjunction with immediate feedback loops with our monthly accounting bundles, we guarantee your satisfaction with great values and outstanding support.

My business life has been simplified from the moment we migrated our financials to Beyond. We couldn’t have asked for a better service. Only months after starting with the basic package, we found that the greater value was in the CFO Package as they handle the cash flows and tax estimates, in conjunction with with the bookkeeping.

Trisha W.

Jeff Jackson helped us get our books straightened out and file our back taxes for the business and personal returns. We have used Beyond Beans Accounting for years now and since he handles the taxes too, we’re able to focus on other things.

John P.
Peterkin Construction LLC

I needed help with our accounting of inventory and little did I know, I also needed to amend the last two years of business and personal returns after they reviewed the prior year’s returns. We received a large refund for 2019 and have been subscribed with Beyond ever since for quarterly tax projections and just about everything else financially. My personal taxes are synced up with the business stuff and I hardly have to worry about a thing outside of my business doors during the year. I couldn’t recommend them more.

Jennifer L.
Lindwell Fashion Boutique

For year I struggled with the accounting software and filing the returns myself. After contacting Timothy, I found out I wasn’t even filing my taxes correctly and was overpaying in payroll taxes. Tim converted my company to another type of business and I’m saving tens of thousands annually while also giving myself time for other things other than struggling with my bookkeeping. My business is growing with my ability to focus on other things as well.

Peter B.

For years, I worked in my family business as the bookkeeper and after inheriting it, I continued this until the company outgrew my ability and I just continued to struggle. After a search online, I found out that I don’t have to do everything myself. Beyond Beans has really helped me in forming metrics to focus on and our monthly calls are invaluable and really are quite short. Sometimes I request to skip them as we are really just chugging along and they make everything seem quite automatic, of sorts. God send.

Emily W.

I restaurant’s have expanded and since we operate in multiple states now, we learned, late from that our prior CPA wasn’t reporting our activity correctly. After contacting Trina, we were able to organize our reporting better and our reporting is really a weekly report that we get showing what exactly we’re doing. We sure have a “pulse” on our business like never before, as guaranteed during our on-boarding.

Javier G.

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Simple pricing

Minimal investment,
Maximum results

At Beyond Beans, we believe in making accounting the language of business for our clients. We enjoy providing high-value accounting and tax guidance at incredibly competitive prices.

Accounting & Tax

Starting at $525

Perfect for small business owners and all Beyond Beans newcomers, this plan eases you into the BB Ecosystem with getting you on-boarded, and a supportive community. Choose this for a gentle introduction to your new

Performance Plan

Starting at $800

Ideal for those needing more planning, this plan elevates your accounting with personalised business and personal financial planning and progress tracking with monthly Zoom Calls. Choose this to take your businessto the next level.

CFO Elite Plan

Starting at 1,275

Tailored for the most serious business owners, this comprehensive plan optimizes your business performance with an highly personalized strategies, on-demand support, and precise progress tracking.
Not convinced? We offer no-worries cancellation-guarantee for all bundles. Try our product confidently; if you don’t like it, we’ll make it right.

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There has never been a better time than right now. Dive into greater reporting and discover greater tax savings with Beyond Beans CPA’s today.


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