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Where our efficiencies meet tax reductions and lower accounting fees => VALUE

At Beyond Beans, our affordable accounting package for small businesses integrates tax planning seamlessly into the annual schedule, ensuring timely filings at a budget-friendly cost.

GUARANTEED RELIEF: Business Accounting Package for Accounting & Tax Headaches

At Beyond Beans, our mission is to ensure that you spend time growing your business and outside interests. We ensure that tax planning and filing deadlines are a synchronized part of the annual accounting schedule at a bargain price.

We save clients, on average, more than five times the cost of our Bundles in payroll expenses alone, not to mention the expenses of hiring an internal accounting team and paying their benefits, worker’s compensation, and the salaries for the Human Resources necessary to manage the staff.

Additionally, our ability to reduce income taxes and late filing penalties that increasingly occur by not utilizing the same CPA firm for both services just adds reason to be Tax Advantaged, which in turn adds to these savings.

As CPA’s, we assist with managing business cash flows, bill payments, financial education, business and tax coaching as needed. From Sole Proprietors just starting off, to Corporations, Partnerships and complex Nonprofits, we have you covered no matter what your accounting and tax needs are.

accounting package for small business

Whether you have a new company with no accounting records or are already established with a preferred software, we can assist. We are experienced in cloud-based software and are eager to plan for your tax reductions simultaneously.

With Bundles that start as low as $525 monthly, we combine the accounting and tax services for even greater savings and unprecedented service. If you need tax planning and personal tax services, we have other bundles that package that in as well.

For cash flow and profitability management, Key Performance Indicators (KPI) analysis, or process improvements, we have a CFO bundle that will keep your business information flowing and ensure you have a pulse on the activity.
Of course, we offer accounting-only services too! With prices as low as $325, we are sure to have a price point that will save you money no matter what your organizational needs are.
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Simple pricing

minimal investment,
Maximum Results

At Beyond Beans, we believe in making accounting the language of business for our clients. We enjoy providing high-value accounting and tax guidance at incredibly competitive prices.

Accounting & Tax

Starting at $525

Perfect for small business owners and all Beyond Beans newcomers, this plan eases you into the BB Ecosystem with getting you on-boarded, and a supportive community. Choose this for a gentle introduction to your new

Performance Plan

Starting at $800

Ideal for those needing more planning, this plan elevates your accounting with personalised business and personal financial planning and progress tracking with monthly Zoom Calls. Choose this to take your businessto the next level.

CFO Elite Plan

Starting at 1,275

Tailored for the most serious business owners, this comprehensive plan optimizes your business performance with an highly personalized strategies, on-demand support, and precise progress tracking.
Not convinced? We offer no-worries cancellation-guarantee for all bundles. Try our product confidently; if you don’t like it, we’ll make it right.

My business life has been simplified from the moment we migrated our financials to Beyond Beans. We couldn’t have asked for a better service. Only months after starting with the basic package, we found that the greater value was in the CFO Package as they handle the cash flows and tax estimates, in conjunction with with the bookkeeping.

Trisha W.

Jeff Jackson helped us get our books straightened out and file our back taxes for the business and personal returns. We have used Beyond Beans Accounting for years now and since he handles the taxes too, we are able to focus on other things.

John P.
Peterkin Construction LLC

I needed help with our accounting of inventory and little did I know, I also needed to amend the last two years of business and personal returns after they reviewed the prior years returns. We received a large refund for 2019 and have been subscribed with Beyond ever since for quarterly tax projections and just about everything else financially. My personal taxes are synced up with the business stuff and I hardly have to worry about a thing outside of my business doors during the year. I couldn’t recommend them more.

Jennifer L.
Lindwell Fashion Boutique

For year I struggled with the accounting software and filing the returns myself. After contacting Timothy, I found out I wasn’t even filing my taxes correctly and was overpaying in payroll taxes. Tim converted my company to another type of business and I am saving tens of thousands annually while also giving myself time for other things other than struggling with my bookkeeping. My business is growing with my ability to focus on other things as well.

Peter B.

For years, I worked in my family business as the bookkeeper and after inheriting it, I continued this until the company outgrew my ability and I just continued to struggle. After a search online, I found out that I do not have to do everything myself. Beyond Beans has really helped me in forming metrics to focus on and our monthly calls are invaluable and really are quite short. Sometimes I request to skip them as we are really just chugging along and they make everything seem quite automatic, of sorts. God send.

Emily W.

Our restaurants have expanded and since we operate in multiple states now, we learned, late from that our prior CPA wasn’t reporting our activity correctly. After contacting Trina, we were able to organize our reporting better and our reporting is really a weekly report that we get showing what exactly we’re doing.

Javier G.

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