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Discover efficiency and accuracy with virtual accounting companies. Streamline financial processes seamlessly, leverage technology, and ensure precision in your business transactions.

Virtual Accounting Services

As virtual outsourced accounting professionals, we naturally communicate to our clients about the regulations and rules to follow per the entity structure and phase of the business cycle each client is working through. We seriously consider the tax implications that may go unforeseen with other accounting firms, as we are always considering the tax consequences of your activity.

We also implement safeguards to ensure you don’t incur additional penalties, interest and will work to minimize your audit risk from the IRS and State Authorities from the start with document retention options that assist with the filing of documents.

In addition to our bookkeeping, tax services, and virtual CPA services, we offer Chief Financial Officer (CFO) services such as multi-year budgeting, projections, and monthly Cash Flow Management assistance when the needs arise for our clients.

virtual outsourced accounting

My business life has been simplified from the moment we migrated our financials to Beyond Beans. We couldn’t have asked for a better service. Only months after starting with the basic package, we found that the greater value was in the CFO Package as they handle the cash flows and tax estimates, in conjunction with with the bookkeeping.

Trisha W.

Jeff Jackson helped us get our books straightened out and file our back taxes for the business and personal returns. We have used Beyond Beans Accounting for years now and since he handles the taxes too, we are able to focus on other things.

John P.
Peterkin Construction LLC

I needed help with our accounting of inventory and little did I know, I also needed to amend the last two years of business and personal returns after they reviewed the prior years returns. We received a large refund for 2019 and have been subscribed with Beyond ever since for quarterly tax projections and just about everything else financially. My personal taxes are synced up with the business stuff and I hardly have to worry about a thing outside of my business doors during the year. I couldn’t recommend them more.

Jennifer L.
Lindwell Fashion Boutique

For year I struggled with the accounting software and filing the returns myself. After contacting Timothy, I found out I wasn’t even filing my taxes correctly and was overpaying in payroll taxes. Tim converted my company to another type of business and I am saving tens of thousands annually while also giving myself time for other things other than struggling with my bookkeeping. My business is growing with my ability to focus on other things as well.

Peter B.

For years, I worked in my family business as the bookkeeper and after inheriting it, I continued this until the company outgrew my ability and I just continued to struggle. After a search online, I found out that I do not have to do everything myself. Beyond Beans has really helped me in forming metrics to focus on and our monthly calls are invaluable and really are quite short. Sometimes I request to skip them as we are really just chugging along and they make everything seem quite automatic, of sorts. God send.

Emily W.

Our restaurants have expanded and since we operate in multiple states now, we learned, late from that our prior CPA wasn’t reporting our activity correctly. After contacting Trina, we were able to organize our reporting better and our reporting is really a weekly report that we get showing what exactly we’re doing.

Javier G.

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KPI Metrics & Tax Advantaged!

With our CFO Bundle, you can be certain that the most important financial aspects of your business is tracked while every deduction is being accounted for, ensuring for the greatest growth tracking along with the largest tax deductions. This is true savings as your expanding at the margins.

KPI Metrics

A KPI is a critical measure of progress towards targets, strategic goals, benchmarks, or core objectives of your accounting practice. KPIs are quantifiable measures over time that focus on strategic and operational performance. For a KPI to work effectively it must be: Simple, easy to measure and defined and Key Performance Indiciators (KPIs) to help guide strategic decision making throughout the year.

Tax Advantaged!

Stop worrying about your books near tax time — we'll do that for you during the whole year as we get you Tax-Advantaged with every deduction possible and complete account reconciliations with our bookkeeping.

Do I Need a Virtual CFO?

Feel free to contact us or schedule a meeting with us.


A Virtual CFO is an experienced senior executive, who works for you a fraction of full-time. S/he is a part-time member of your leadership team, working the amount of time that fit your needs and budget.
A Virtual CFO takes on responsibility for leadership areas you need help with. For some, the focus is only on finance. Others want strategic planning and operations help along with finance.
It is a fine distinction. An outsourced CFO isn’t part of your team, and an interim CFO only fills a need for a short while. A Virtual CFO is part of your team but only works part-time in your business, so you get the expertise but not the drain on resources. A Virtual CFO is your focused CFO, just one who isn’t there full-time.
I’m a totally committed member of your leadership team. I am your CFO. You provide with me with a company email account, print business cards, and add me to the leadership team on your website. To employees, customers, vendors, and other stakeholders (i.e. the bank and investors), I am your CFO.
I’m on a fixed monthly retainer for a fraction of the amount you select (ongoing one day per week, etc). Since I’m not on an hourly fee structure (like your attorney or tax advisor), you don’t need to worry about quarter-hour billings for a phone call when you need to talk with me.

My fee structure is fixed. Your needs for my services may change over time. Some months, 1 day per week is plenty. At other times (period end, transaction, bank renewal, audit) it will increase or decrease.  Of course, if additional needs arise, we are here to assist and can go over that pricing as needed.

There is no set percentage. Meeting with you and your staff is mostly done on-site. Much of the analysis and preparation can either be done on-site or at my office. Regardless of what the percentage is, I will do what it takes to get the job completed.
The CFO role is more about business than a particular industry. For that reason, I work across all industries, including manufacturing, distribution, retail, and professional services. That being said, most of my experience is with small/medium-sized businesses and non-profits.